Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am inside all day, which means that when I look outside my's sunny and warm (as long as I ignore what the folks outside are wearing). Summer in New York is one of my favorite times of year and the sunshine has inspired me to share some of my favorite spring/summer pieces.

This Rory Beca dress reminds me of my favorite YAYA AFLALO dress, which is sitting on the floor of my room in California (I just moved here and do not have all my clothes yet). I love the simple silk dress with the woven neon pink racerback straps.

I am also loving florals for spring. It took me a little time to warm up to them, as they reminded me of this dress I used to have when I was 10 that I wore in the family photo we took at church. But once I got past that I found these florals to be super cute. This is a skirt and a top, the skirt is very sweet and the top is a little more exciting with details like the pewter-esque buttons. I like the idea of wearing the top with dark skinnys and black ankle boots.

I just plain adore this Rory Beca top. I love the wild colors and the simple detailing of the cross over back.

So like I mentioned we are having a spring party, it's on February 12, so mark your calendars. We will be selling all the spring styles for 20% during the event!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So we pretty much play Lady GaGa on repeat around here. I'll admit I am totally obsessed and I kind of want to be her. While I am not quite sure I can rock her skin tight jumpsuits or nylons no pants look, I do think I can pull off the super over-sized sunglasses. We have these Karen Walker ones I am dying to get my hands on.


So my feet got a little too personal with a slush puddle this morning. While I am not a big fan of the after effects of snow, I do love cold weather accessories. We have these amazing hand knit headbands by Liza at the store. They are all one of a kind, and I just got one the other day. I love mine, all the compliments I get from it and how warm it keeps my ears! Check out Grace in this funky purple and black one.


So things are a little slow today in the store, which means that I get to focus my efforts on the window display and the blog. We have this great tulle skirt Grace got in Japan, and I decided that it needed to go on the mannequin. First of all, we love Sex and the City, and this skirt totally reminds me of Carrie's closet montage.

It was definitely a keeper...


This Christopher Deane tote has been putting me in a very contemplative mood. I want one, but am not sure what I would want to put on it. I wish I could change it with my mood. Lately I have been loving headbands...

On that note, we are having a spring party (in Feb...wishful thinking) and are raffling off a few of these start thinking about what you love.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Useful yet Yummy to look at

These chocolate mirrors are so adorable.

$18 each