Tuesday, December 22, 2009


They say fashion is always changing.  Well heres an original, you can actually rent pieces off the runway!  All you have to do is go to renttherunway.com or so I thought.  Theres a waiting list.  How long is the wait you might wonder?  I couldnt tell you because they didnt tell me!  Lets pretend I did get to be a member then the process goes as follows: 1. Browse through a list of designers to find a dress 2.Schedule a delivery date and your dress will appear on your doorstep in two sizes-to be safe 3. Put the piece in the pre paid package and drop in any mailbox- dry cleaning is on them.  Sounds pretty amazing for the majority of us who could never imagine being able to afford an actual couture piece by our favorite designer but what will it cost ya?  How long do you get to keep the piece?  How many pieces can you rent at a time?  How high are the chances your favorite couture will already be rented?  These are questions I can not answer until Im a member.

So as I figure it,rent the runway awesome idea-YES, practical-NO.  It will probably be at the VERY least $100 to rent one dress and by the time I get bumped up to the front of the waiting list I could have saved over the years for my very own couture!  I want to know what you think....rent the runway....UNREAL or UNREALISTIC?

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