Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Beauty Tips

Here are some Helianthus Spring beauty tips to
 help create the perfect look for any occasion

1. For Spring pinks, peaches, and rosey colors for your eyes, checks, and lips are always a great way to look young and brighten up your outfit.

2. A manicure and pedicure are a must!! Lilac and grey colors on your nail are very chic!

3. Super straight hair is out and a wavy voluminous hair styling is in!  This hair style gives off the impression that you aren't even trying and is super edgy with the right ensemble.

4. For a dramatic look RED LIPS are the best way to attract attention!!

5.  LONG LASHES!! Go to MAC and pick up a pair of fabulous fake eyelashes for an even sexier look.

6. Ditch the pizza and head to the gym!!! Bathing suit season is just around the cornor!!

7.  Feel beautiful no matter what!! This Spring come to Helianthus and pick out the perfect outfit that fits your individual style!!

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