Friday, July 24, 2009

Skin is Sexy

From everywhere you go, you see the infamous destroyed jeans -- it is undeniable that cutouts in denim is hot. And now so is the cut-out shoulder trend. Baring some skin by the shoulders is the new trend for this season. It's a little bit 80's, a little bit badass but flirty, and definitely a whole lot sexy.

We've seen it on the Fall '09 runway looks from designers like Hervé Leger, Charlotte Ronson, and Jonathan Saunders.

And we've seen in the streets by fashionistas like yourself. If not, you should swing by Helianthus and see what we have in store for this trend.

This is by Kloset's spring/summer 2009 collection. We have it in green and its great for the summer. The spaghetti straps hold it up and the rest falls down on the shoulders for a flirty look.

One of our absolute favorites... this fuschia Bensoni dress is the epitome of this shoulder-baring trend.

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