Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Graham & Spencer

Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer, designers of Velvet introduced this luxury collection, "Graham and Spencer" back in Fall 2006. They created this line with the ideal girl in mind. She is beautiful, young, and chic. Their Fall 2009 collection focuses on both shape and texture and is included in an array of tops, dresses, and outerwear. The palette is mainly neutral with touches of butter and snow. We love Graham and Spencer because their pieces are so versatile and can be carried through all four seasons. Check out what we mean...

This slouchy knit cardigan from their fall 2009 collection is fantastic. It is absolutely comfortable and is an essential for the fall.

This cardigan is very versatile -- you can leave it buttoned or unbottoned and layer it up with a cute tank. You can belt it too! Its also good for the chilly summer nights.

A great layering tank. The chain details make this piece special. Its simple yet very edgy.

This 100% silk kimono dress is so elegant. The flowy top and open sleeves and tight bottom gives this dress a sexy silhouette. This dress can be carried throught out summer and fall. Wear it with a pair of sexy sandals in the summer and pair it up with tights for the fall.

Come stop by the store and see what else we have that's wearable for the remainder of the summer and for the fall to come!

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