Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall in the Eyes of Bensoni and Mason ...

New York City and Los Angeles are two completely different cities yet these two brands, Bensoni (NYC) and Mason (LA), share a similarity in femininity. That is why we carry these two brands because it is what Helianthus embodies afterall.

Bensoni's Fall 2009 collection is about dinstictive prints and fabric, all tailored towards femininity.

As you can easily spot, not only in Bensoni's collection, but everywhere, fuschia and purple tones are in for the fall season. Must be the new black!

The fuschia jacket is absolutely stunning. The ruffles give this tailored jacket its femininity. And the graffiti lips prints? Very sexy.

Mason's Fall 2009 collection is not as bright in their choice of prints and fabrics like Bensoni but still contains the feminine element in their pieces.

This assymmetrical gathered dress is totally flattering. We have it in black which is even sexier. Love the cutout in the back too!

Showing a little skin but subtly is always sexy. This lace yolk dress another great number by Mason. Perfect transition from summer to fall.

Come stop by and check out our new fall collection. You won't regret it!

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