Wednesday, November 18, 2009


 Who said shopping had to be expensive??
    For this Holiday find cute must have clothing & accessories for under $120 here at Helianthus.  With creative thinking and your own personal style it is easy to look like a million dollars without actually having to spend that kind of money.  Trends that are in this season have helped out a ton!  We are seeing a much more causal looks paired with fierce shoes and accessories making the perfect fall outfit.  Sweatshirt materials in forms of dresses, shirts, and pants of course are very much in.  The oversized comfy top with a pair of tight fitting straight leg jeans, leggings, or even a blazer have made getting dressed a breeze. While traditional colors like blacks, whites, and grays will never go out of style try spicying up your wardrobe with warm bold colors such as shades of purple or neon colors.

This Alernative V-neck burnout tee
looks great paired with a silk skirt. 
The top keeps the outfit casual yet still classic.
Alernative Tee: $38
Elastic Skirt w/ Gather front: $106

The perfect purple top!
Monrow Drape Neck Tee: $88
For the evening pair it with this fierce fringed neckalce: $ 48

Alternative Crewneck burnout tee: $38
Looks great w/ leggings!

Brighten up your wardrobe w/ this
 Neon Orange Burnout Mama Cass Top $46

Bunny tunic $82
Super cute with long pearls, tights, and booties!

This Karen Walker Sweatshirt dress is a must have: $109
Wool Knit Color Hat: $39

Cozy & Cute
TieDye Print Elastic Waist Dress $ 116
Add this Studded Belt $84

The Blazer. Everyone needs one: $112
Bow Crystal Necklace: $39

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