Friday, January 7, 2011

$1,245 spiked Louboutins deemed "weapon" by TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration has been extra tough on passengers recently, but we never thought fashionable items could be considered a security threat. Taz Arnold was passing through airport security on January 2 when TSA agents attempted to confiscate his $1,245 Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike shoes. According to his Twitter account, officials called them weapons. After much deliberation, Arnold was allowed to keep his fancy footwear with a warning that they very well could be taken away next time.

TSA officials examine the potentially dangerous shoes. Photo via @TazArnold

The TSA regulations website says metal scissors and hand tools are permitted on flights, including

screwdrivers under seven inches in length. We think those might be able to inflict a bit more damage than a studded shoe, but we suppose the TSA were just trying to play it safe.

A while back TSA agents stopped Kelly Osbourne because she had a tiny keychain in her bag in the shape of a gun. We could imagine a picky agent deeming a curling iron, eyelash curler, or even certain stilettos dangerous.
Have you even run into a problem with any of your fashion or beauty items when passing through airport security?

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