Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Attention Helianthus Shoppers!!!

The summer is upon us! It's time for pretty sundresses, flirty skirts, and sexy tanks! And what better place to get them than at HELIANTHUS! And what better price to get them at then 30% to 70% OFF! That's is time for HELIANTHUS'S SPRING AND SUMMER SALE! Get amazing prices on Christopher Deane, Pencey, Ulla Johnson, Dallin Chase, Bensoni, and many more!

All the details:

What - Helianthus Spring and Summer Sale 30% to 70% OFF!
Where - At either of our Helianthus locations: 552 LaGuardia Place or 196 Spring Street
When - Starting Wednesday June 24th!

Stop by for some fabulous deals and fun summer time shopping


Ulla Johnson: Leah Dress 40% off $281!!!

Pencey: Ultraviolet Dress 50% off $403!!!
Pencey: Feather Midnight Dress 50% off $389!!!
Karen Walker: Sleeveless Keyhole Shirt 40% off $377!!!

Christopher Deane: Knoll Tunic 30% off $248.00!!!
Pepper and Pistol: Pina Colada Shirt 30% off $243!!!

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