Friday, June 5, 2009

Going Green Never Looked So Good!!!!!

It’s no surprise to anyone that Going Green is the new black in fashion. Top designers such as Phillip Lim and Stella McCartney have both been promoting their naturally dyed and recycled fabrics, while eco-friendly companies such as Popomomo have been continually thriving while everyone moves towards living greener lifestyles. Here at Helianthus we believe that making eco-friendly fashion choices is a great way to help the environment and we want to help you reduce your carbon footprint while still looking HOT, HOT, HOT.

Without further delay we introduce to you the eco-friendly brands carried at Helianthus. Toggery is a new line of organic cotton clothing launched by Kate D’Arcy. Not only is every item from Toggery made of eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable fabrics, they are all colorful, classic pieces that can fit into any woman’s wardrobe. The pieces range from easy to wear tanks to flowing tunic dresses for summer.

We also carry select designs from Caitlin Mociun, the designer behind the Mociun brand. Her designs are full of personality and exciting prints. All of her clothes are made from organic cotton and printed bamboo products. She combines her love of the outdoors and art to create beautiful, unique pieces heavy with colorful ikat patterns and nature inspired prints.

After picking out the perfect eco-friendly outfit…you must accessorize! Christopher Deane offers the perfect environmentally sustainable tote that is made right here in the U.S.A. It is the “I Love” tote and it is completely playful and fun! And instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can now wear it on your tote! Tell the world you love the environment with this special piece.

As a designer going green does not always have to mean starting out with new environmentally friendly fabrics, but instead can mean reusing previously produced items. Jessica, a Philadelphia based designer, uses vintage flowers to make beautiful head pieces. Each silk flower and lace piece is hand selected by the designer and arranged differently for each headband in order to create a unique product for the consumer. By reusing vintage flowers the designer cuts down on harmful factory production.

Stop by Helianthus to check out some of our eco-friendly products and we will help you to have fun going green!

Check out some of the totally cool prints Mociun offers...
Mociun Tee and Shorts with Christopher Deane "I Love" Bag!!!!!!

Mixed Prints by Mociun all on environmentally friendly fabrics!

Tie-dye is the way to go this summer!

Mociun dress on Bamboo eco-chic!
Mociun Ikat Dress!

Flowing Toggery Dress...perfect with a big floppy hat for the beach!

Beautiful headbands made from vintage flower and lace! Gorgeous!

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